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Murkage: When Hip Hop Meets David Cameron


TheRightCopy team literally stumbled upon Murkage mid-set at XOYO when they were supporting Chiddy Bang earlier this month. The crowd was heaving and the guys onstage were giving their all to maintain the charged atmosphere.

Members of Murkage hail from several different corners of England, but the group was born in Manchester. Felix the drummer, however, ‘is from a place that black people can’t find’, the group joked.

Jokes aside Murkage are dead serious about a certain politician; they voiced their dislike for David Cameron during their performance and expanded on why they oppose the coalition leader, ‘He stands for idiotic privilege, making things much harder for the majority of people who he doesn’t in any way understand, all in the name of a massively flawed doctrine’.

For a support act, Murkage were running the risk of successfully upstaging the headlining act, duo Chiddy Bang who Murkage described as; ‘pretty much amazing’ and ‘a lot of fun. Xaphoon has some real interesting stories about his music production in Philadelphia and Chiddy is a freestyle king, walking down the street with him literally rhyming about everything you see along the way is nuts’.

So what is Murkage all about? ‘Murkage the name is about destroying old ideas to create new ones’. David Cameron’s policies are some that they would like to address, Their aim, however, is for ‘our message to reach as many people as possible, so we still think it’s very important for people to freely be able to read our written lyrics’. But they also believe that ‘copyrighting your intellectual property is important’. In the spirit of sharing their messahe you can download Paperweight for free.

The guys list Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, Massive Attack, Fugazi, MC5, Public Enemy, ‘and Phil Collins of cours’? as a few of their key inspirations. However Rick Rubin would be their go-to producer.

Their performance at XOYO has proved them to be a group that enjoys the music they make and are ready to literally set the stage alight and then douse the flames with water. ‘There is no point making washed music to get famous, it will only make you sad and other people rich. Do what you want how you want it’, the guys advised. Onstage Murkage did what they liked and aptly showered the crowd with music and water as their set reached a fever pitch.

If the guys aren’t onstage or making music, they’re probably be honing their diving skills or constructing a robot army. We’d better watch out either way.

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