It All Starts From The Soul - Jorsh Peña

    The Right Copy caught up with talented illustrator Jorsh Peña who comes from one of the hottest places on earth, Mexicali in Mexico. We’ll be expecting our invite to visit him very soon.


    Jorsh holds a marketing degree, but has always been a lover of painting, music, and the arts in general. In the final few months of his degree Jorsh got into creating illustrations using design software. This hobby led him to designing branded clothing that he promoted through his blog – this in turn spurred ‘The Autumn Society.’


    The Autumn Society is an art/illustration collective that Jorsh created after being invited to an art show where he met Chogrin. They both decided to take the opportunity to turn their hobby into something that would pay them a wage. Jorsh says, “I found I could work as an illustrator and keep studying, I have been improving and working on my craft since those days.”


    The talented artist is influenced by an array of different individuals such as Jim Flora – best known for his album covers and by motion picture graphic designer Saul Bass. The vast list of influences also includes Mary Blair, Nicola Tesla, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, Tarantino, Craig McCracken, Friz Freleng, Jorge Gutierrez, Guillermo del Toro, and many more.


    Jorsh’s design process begins simply; with a pencil and some paper. “Ideas usually start from the soul, and you can materialise your feelings, your thoughts, your dreams and bring them to life as well as drawing inspiration from feelings, books, video games, cartoons, movies, music, mythology, symbology, geometry, paranormal stuff (i'm a huge fan), and pop culture,” says Jorsh “everything works for me as inspiration.”



    Although he works on a variety of projects such as books and music, Jorsh is mostly excited about his "365 Rounds Challenge", which involves creating a different piece of art everyday. “The first time was kind of difficult for me to plan a different idea everyday, then I started to draw my daily thoughts and feelings, and now it is a weird kind of a journal.”



    In terms of future plans Jorsh says he'd love to finish his book, as well as starting a publishing house. He'd also like to develop some animation, short clips and host art shows.




    With his passion for music Jorsh also plans to finish recording music and perform live, then “figure out how I can live in a cabin full of cats in the middle of the forest.”


    Contact Details: (E-mail, Instagram, Twitter etc)






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